Top 5 future technologies that will change our world

Technology is advancing at such a fast pace that we believe at the end of the century it will be a completely new planet. We used to keep that certain electronics nowadays it can be difficult to keep up with all the modifications taking place around us. The human race is adopting these changes. Some of the advancements are really benefiting us a lot while some are causing great loss to our environment. Some of the latest technological advancements are so catchy yet so expensive that not everyone could buy them. While witnessing these all sudden changes in the field of technology we decided to collect top 8 future technologies that will change our world. We made a lot of research, visited various platforms to seek all those magical things that will blow your mind.

We are all set to mesmerize you, are you ready for that let’s begin the fun!

Flying cars with drones

Humans are ready to give competition to the birds. A few years before we used to think that no one could beat the swage of birds and their flights but now its 2019 and things are completely changing. Feel yourself waking to a sky that is full of cars! Yes, this is all that human race is experimenting. Even few models of flying cars have already made their way to the market. It’s 2019 and the time is not too far when you will be flying in the air in one moment and will be driving on the road in the very next moment. It all sounds so fascinating. You don’t have to wait for many hours on the rod because of the worst traffic block. You just have to switch your car to the flying mode and enjoy your ride.

The Self-driving cars

All those people who haven’t learned driving yet or couldn’t learn driving due to any specific reason, this is definitely for you. A car without a driver! Yes, you read that right. Now it is possible that you could get your hands on a car without a driver. It seems very soon the roads will be full of cars, not only cars but the cars without drivers. Many companies are already working on this idea and some of them have launched few models in the market. The practical application of such cars is a complete wonder. People are impatiently waiting for the day when they will be on a road where all self-driving cars will be roaming here and there.

The Family hub refrigerator by Samsung

We all know that Samsung never fails to steal the spotlight. Their designers and manufacturers always come up with something innovative and attractive. For instance, it has introduced a refrigerator that is named as family hub refrigerator. It has some mind-blowing characteristics. Three built-in cameras are incorporated in this refrigerator. Built-in speakers are also introduced in this fridge. The most mesmerizing fact about this fridge is that it can mirror a smart television on the 21.5” touchscreen. You don’t have to buy magnets or stickers to place on your refrigerator. Now all you have to do is that access the Wi-Fi and connect your phone. You can display all the photos on your refrigerator. Its attractive features are making the heads turn. It has already earned a huge success.

The Pill to unlock the password

The most terrible thing that we experience in life is to forget the passwords. We all have experienced this at least one time in our whole life. If you look around, you will realize that almost every single gadget requires a password for its further proceedings. Either it’s a phone password or password for any other gadget; it can cause some serious inconvenience. Keeping in view the whole scenario, a very well-known company has come up with a unique idea. A very well-known company, Motorola has developed an electronic pill. The pill plays a vital role in unlocking the phone but how? It has a little chip inside. That chip is not in solid form rather it is dissolved in digestive fluids. As you will take the pill, your stomach will become 18-bit, EKG-like signal. Your body will help in authentication.  A person can intake such pill 30 times a day. It has no side effects. It will help you to protect your device from hacking as well. It is a completely safe process.

The Jetpacks for flying

For all those cool and crazy people out there, the flight has been a great source of fascination for the human race. As we observe, we realize that man has always tried to learn new and unique ways to fly. To quench his thirst for a flight he has already invented so many things but now here we have another exciting thing. We are talking about jetpacks that are invented for flying on water mainly. All though jet packs were available a couple of years before as well now they are coming with extreme modifications. They are just like a skateboard. They have the tendency to hold your feet very tightly. They look super cool. If we talk about their working, they propel water at a high rate; they are equally stabilized as well. You will love having a ride on them. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your jetpacks right now and have fun.