Keeping up with growing Hybrid cars sale trends (Post Recession Period)

General cars sale trends

Hybrid cars sale are one of the “silver bullets” that are expected to save what is charitably described as a struggling industry. Everyone knows the auto industry or at least the American auto industry. That has been going downhill for forty years or more. Everyone knows that GM and Chrysler had to go through bankruptcy court. The Ford was nearly there themselves.

But hybrid car sales can be what saves the industry. And with its thousands of jobs.

Thanks to the effects of the recession, the tastes of Americans have changed drastically over the previous years. Gone are the days of the giant pick-up trucks and SUVs, huge cars, much larger than what most people actually need. This gives poor gas mileage and suffers from high tax penalties. And these are the cars, the trucks really, that Americans have been buying for going on twenty years.

But not anymore. It’s not just the bad mileage and the tax losses, both of which can add up to thousands of dollars a year, but it’s also the image of yourself you project to the world when you drive one of those behemoths. Most people don’t want to look like they don’t really care about the environment, the future in general, and as a result, hybrid car sales have skyrocketed.

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Jump in sales trends of hybrid cars

Between August 2008 and July 2009, for example, hybrid car sales jumped nearly fifty percent. The biggest gainer was Nissan’s Altima hybrid. Which seemed to be gaining exponentially even in a market filled with big movers. It sold 3000 more units in August 2009 than in July 2009, for example. It moved into third place behind the legendary Prius. Even hotter than the Altima is the Honda Insight, which comes in second place. It sold over 4000 units this past August. That’s a big jump over the July number of just over one-thousand units. This number will keep growing as fuel prices soar.

That “legendary Prius” of the previous paragraph is, of course, the Toyota Prius, which is legendary. It’s quite obviously the high-water-point of hybrid cars and, as a result, hybrid cars sale. The Prius, in fact, has outsold all other hybrid cars combined. It’s a juggernaut that doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.

As a result, American carmakers have suffered and are playing catch-up. The Chevy Volt, which is itself a hybrid gas-electric car, is expected to make a significant dent in the Prius’s dominance. That’s still months away. In the meantime, Detroit will sit and wait for a potential savior – hopefully, sooner than later.