The next big things and new trends in technology gadgets in 2020

Human beings are striving day and night to invent wonderful things. We are advancing at a rapid pace. We are going through a strenuous struggle for the latest inventions. In recent years, human beings have taken the technology to a whole new level. For instance, have you ever imagined before about flying in the air like birds? Of course not! But now you can. This is because advancements in technology have invented some really fascinating gadgets like airplanes, helicopters; gliding gadgets, etc. these gadgets have made the lives easier. But now it is 2020! And people are expecting even bigger things now! Our efficient team made a little research to find the next big things in technology gadgets in 2020. At the same time, we have compiled some interesting facts for you so give this article a careful read and find out what big is coming in 2020! 

The Mobiles with Folding Screens

We as a human race have experimented on mobiles a lot. In a few years, we advanced from buttons to touch screens. The mobile phone manufacturing companies have also worked a lot on sensors and body shapes of mobiles. From heavy weighted mobile phones to slim and lightweight gadgets, we have been through a very exciting journey.

The next big thing that everyone is expecting in 2020 is a mobile phone with a foldable screen. So many companies all across the globe are working really hard to come up with this new thing. These foldable screen mobiles will be very convenient to use. They will be portable and you can fix them in a smaller space. Once they are launched in the market, you will definitely fall for them. All your favorite companies like Huawei, Samsung, etc. are currently working on this idea and we can’t wait to see the actual product!

The Huawei Foldable Screen Mobile Device

According to some recent photos, samples and news, we have found Huawei Foldable Screen Mobile as the most fascinating one. According to the reports, it will come along 5G and 5 inches screen on the front and 8 inches screen outside. The CEO of Huawei has a firm belief that this latest gadget will be powerful enough to replace personal computers.

The Samsung Foldable Screen Mobile

Similar to Huawei, the very well-known company Samsung is also trying to win the hearts of its customers by introducing a mobile with the folding capability. If we look back, this idea was disclosed by the company in November. It will possess a huge display of 7.3 inches. The manufacturers are also working to enhance the camera of this new gadget. It may have a camera with a resolution of 2152 x 1536 pixels.

So this was all about cell phones. Now, let’s find out what’s new and exciting is happening in the world of cars.

Latest Advancements in the World of Cars For 2020

According to the recent reports, one of our favorite companies Toyota will come up with core functionality built-in cheaper models as well. Similarly, another big name of automobiles, Honda is also applying this strategy to enhance the quality of their automobiles. Although, functionality built-in is introduced before it is not available in the cars that are inexpensive. But now it will be accessible.

Although every automobile brand is striving hard to stand out Honda and Toyota have taken this to a whole new level. Both companies have come up with the idea of Honda sensing and Toyota Safety Sense.  This idea is associated with some key features that are very useful. Some of them are given as below;

  • Street departure alert
  • Blindspot warning
  • Adaptive cruise hold
  • Identification and alert for pedestrians
  • Braking it automatic low-speed

Cameras Gadgets and Advancements in Them

As we are observing changes in every field of life then how cameras can stay behind! We get to know that some wonderful cameras are coming in 2020 that will enhance your picture qualities even more. According to our resources, Sony A7 III is coming out that is a mirrorless camera with 24.2mp pixels and 4k max video resolution. Similarly, Nikon D850 is all set to hit the market with 45.7-megapixel lenses, 3.2in tilting touchscreen, and 4k max video resolution. We can’t wait to get our hands on these gems!

The world of robots is ready to welcome 2020!

The robots have been earning our attention for ages. Recent advancements in the field of technology have also affected robotic technology. From little robots to huge robotic machines, it all happened so instantly. But these advancements are not going to cease because we all know that many more milestones are yet to achieve! It is 2020 and the world of robots is all set to welcome 2020!  Let’s find out what’s happening there.

HEXA a six-legged robot plant

It is a robot plant that has an amazing tendency to follow the sun in order to get the right amount of heat and light and then move away from light when it feels enough transpiration has taken place. If we talk about its appearance, it looks like a spider. It is highly efficient at moderate speed.  This robot will be common in the upcoming months of 2020.

It is 2020 and you can expect anything in the field of technology and science because we have come so far already in some recent years.

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