Best Battery Banks Comparison-Must get device for you

How hard it is to find out a perfect battery bank for your device! But you will be glad to know that Blog feed me understands your concerns and is ready to facilitate you in this regard. They have a super collection of battery backs that will surely erase all your worries. We visited their site to gather most amazing products for you so here we go;

LINGCHEN 10000mAh Wireless Charger Power Bank for iPhone

Are you an iPhone user? If yes, then you must be aware of the struggles to get your hands on the charger or a power bank for your phone. Keeping in view your needs, Blog Feed Me introduces this wireless charger. It is a portable charger that has no illumination lamp. It is certified for its excellent quality. The weight of this charger is about 200grams.  The battery capacity of this charger is about 7001-9000mAh. If you are looking for a power bank for iPhone or Samsung that it should be your definite pick. This power bank is with digital display and has an integrated mirror design. Its suitable size, minimal weight, and variety of colors will surely convince you to buy it.

HOCO fashion 13000 mAh USB Charge Power Bank

These emergency portable USB charger and power banks are becoming so popular day by day. It offers dual USB interface. It does not support quick charge technology. It has a Li-polymer battery. If we talk about its size that is about 130*74*15mm. you will be curious to know its manufacturing material then let me tell you that it is made up of ABS and PC. It is currently available in two beautiful colors, one is Green Grass white other is curd flower pink beauty. It is a 13000mAh power bank and has a high-quality external battery for your enhanced experience. Due to its suitable weight and appropriate size, you can carry it where ever you want.

ORICO 2000mah Portable Power Bank 

Intricate design, captivating features, and excellent quality is the reason behind the continuously rising popularity of this ORICO portable power bank. For your amazement, let me tell you that it has 18650 Lithium Battery. It does not support quick charge technology. Its output efficiency is 5V/1A. It has a single USB interface. To provide you pleasant experience manufacturers have placed a battery of 0-3000mAh capacity. Its size measurements are 95*27*23. To make it portable the designers used very lightweight material in its manufacturing and its total weight is about 160g. It also has a wire of 30cm length.

Baseus LCD 8000mAh QI Wireless Charger

The approximate weight of this wireless charger is 195g. It is an emergency and portable type charger with the output of 5V/2A. You don’t have to worry about its quality standards because it is successfully certified because of its highest quality. It does not support solar energy. It has Li-polymer battery for its highest efficiency rate. To give you long lasting talk time, it contains a battery with the capacity of 8000mAh. QI wireless charger has an LCD screen with full mirror battery power display. It is highly compatible with iPhone and Samsung.

10000mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank is an emergency portable charger with a dual interface. It contains your favorite Li-polymer battery with a two-way quick charge. Although it does not support solar energy it has some other attractive features that we are going to share. If we talk about its input interface, that is the micro input interface. This excellent gadget possesses a battery with the capacity of 9001-10000mAh. You can’t doubt its quality standards because it already possesses certificates for its remarkable quality standards. It doesn’t have the feature of LED Lamp Illumination. The weight of this power bank is about 243 grams. If you are interested to know its size then let me tell you that the size of this gadget is 147 x 71 x 14.1mm (130*71*14.1mm). Whenever we buy a gadget, we are concerned about its efficiency and you will be amazed to know the remarkable output efficiency of 6500mAh 5.1V (TYP 1A) offered by Xiaomi Mi Power Bank. It has nine thick layers of circuit chip protection. This gadget is launched at the beginning of 2018 with certain upgrading but surprisingly, with the same price. Its outer cover is manufactured by using aluminum alloy material.

Yoobao A2 Power Bank

Here we proudly present you another amazing power bank that has 20000mAh Dual USB Output/Input. It also has Ultra Slim External Battery. This incredible power bank comes with Digital Display as well. It has all the right features to satisfy you genuinely.  This power bank has an input interface that s known as Apple interface and micro USB. We came to know that Yoobao A2 Power Bank has dual USB interface. The feature of quick charging isn’t accessible with this power bank. Li-polymer battery possession is a sparkling feature of this power bank. It doesn’t support solar energy and can give the output of 5V/2.1A. 500 grams of weight is possessed by this power bank. You will glad to know that it is available in different colors like Rose Gold, Gray, Blue, and Silver. It has a delicate Aluminum alloy shell and with 14.5mm thickness. It has advanced LED digital display. it is a perfect match for iPhone8 7 6S Plus 6 6S 7 Plus 6S Plus SE 5S 6 Plus.