10 Creative Ways to Solve Apple Phone Problems

Are you an iPhone user? If yes, then this article is definitely written for you. We commonly see that iPhone users are currently facing a few problems that are not major at all. They require a little guidance and perfect solution. We are here to brighten up your day with ten creative ways to solve apple phone problems. We made a little research and found that sometimes it happens, apple phone reboot cannot fulfill are requirements. There are so many problems we are facing nowadays as an apple phone user. Few of them are listed below with their creative solutions. So what are you waiting for? Go and give them a careful read right now!

Speaker button is grayed-out during calls and its ultimate solution

This is the most common problem. Make sure your apple phone is not connected with headphones. When you use headphone it is possible to phone might stuck in headphone mood. To clear this, you have to press the volume button to check volume mood. You can get rid of this problem easily by;

•    Forcing your phone to restart.

•    Don’t Press volume up and down at same time.

•    update your phone’s software for even better-using experience

Solution to increase the battery life of your iPhone

Optimize your phone’s battery life for better use. Most of us face this problem that after a few months, a phone’s battery starts creating a fuss. Go in settings, select battery and check which app is draining your battery life more to save yourself from this inconvenience kindly, adopt the following measures.

•    Keep an eye on your phone’s battery percentage.

•    Switch to low power mode or battery saving mode

•    Keep the iCloud off when not in use

•    Keep turning off the background apps

•    Refresh your phone

•    Go in settings and prohibit the automatic downloads

•    Fix your estimated battery life and Disconnect battery from your phone and reconnect it.

 Overheating and its easiest solution

If you are an iPhone user then you will better know the struggle of the overheated phone. We become very conscious when a phone becomes heated but it is better to take the prevention measures before the phone gets heated. When a phone gets heat up, it can be very dangerous and can be led to some serious inconvenience as well so please don’t take it lightly. We searched different platforms and gathered some useful information for you in this regard. To prevent your phone from overheating you must follow some rules:

•    Don’t use your phone while charging

•    Avoid using the phone in low battery mode.

•     Optimize your call duration.

•     And use it after the restart.

•    Don’t commit the common mistake to leave your iPhone in a car

•    Don’t cover your phone with a pillow or any other thing while the charger is connected

•    Avoid sunlight while the phone is connected to the charger

The solution for late or no service detections

How irritating is that when you have to make an emergency call or have to check an important mail and your phone don’t detect services. It is mainly not the fault of manufacturers. This problem mainly occurs because of our careless behavior towards running apps. We suggest the following measures that you should adopt;

•    Close all the apps running in the background

•    Emit your Sim from your Sim card holder and after 5 to 10 minutes put your Sim card again.

•    Restart your phone.

How to get rid of hanging up of phone

Stuck up or hanging up is a very common issue that is equally faced by all the users either they are android users or they are iPhone users. It irritates us a lot and we become frustrated in no time. This problem mostly arises when we keep using a phone for a longer period of time. Some common solutions for this problem are given as under;

•    Keep a check on your phone storage

•    Keep refreshing your mobile after some time

•    Don’t leave too many apps to keep running in the background

•    Close all the heavy apps right after using them

•    Avoid doing multitasking

•    Power off your mobile if it keeps on hanging for a longer period of time

•    Take out the battery and put it back after some time

•    Remove all the unnecessary apps from your phone

 The solution for Bluetooth Connectivity and pairing Issue with cars

Few iPhone users have reported the issue that they are not able establishes Bluetooth connectivity with cars. This defect is not related to the phone’s manufacturers but it is related to the functioning. These problems are reported while connecting phone to Mercedes, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Toyota, and some others. If you are also the one who is facing this common issue than take the following measures to get rid of;

•    Reset the current network settings of your phone

•    Remove all the existing pairings of your phone

•    If you find out that you are still unable to access Bluetooth connectivity then you should go for up gradation option

•    Access factory reset option

•    Eliminate all the apps that are not in use

How to deal with frozen screen

Another common issue that iPhone users are facing now days is that the screen becomes frozen in some areas. If you click on such areas the phone will not respond. Obviously, it led to serious inconvenience and requires an urgent solution. For this we suggest you to instantly restart your phone by holding the sleep or wake button.