Health is in the AER – Smart Mobile App for the Global Pain Solution

AER a smart app available on Android and iOS aiming to change the world by providing simple solution to many health-related problems. Just with an app, you have expert consultation, get medication to your doorstep, order any kind of lab tests and many more. Health Technology being the major institution and now getting to know and curing health issues with a smartphone seems to be the future of the health industry. 

AER is a startup based and app completely developed in Pakistan. AER is a very easy to use(user-friendly) app that anyone can understand and use. Customers can choose from any language they can communicate easily e.g Urdu, English, Saraiki, Pothwari, Balochi, Punjabi, Sindhi and Pushto.

Language Selection
Main interface

Showing the overall health, mind and other scores

Partnering with Banking giant HBL, D-Watson for the supplies of medicine and delivering it, BCL Labs for the medical test and getting the easy payment methods like Easy Paisa to provide further relief for the Pakistani customers. 24 hour of consultation service will soon be available. Home delivery is still not available in major cities and even many parts of Islamabad but the plan is to soon give this service.

Payment Services

It is not the first one with this kind of idea providing same of thing but the main actual difference is in the pricing. The pricing of consultation is easily within the range of most Pakistanis. The general enquiry costs from 1$ which is a cheap an to any private clinic also considering the cost to get there and the time consumed in the process. The medicines come with free home delivery even ordering food from many food chains can cost more. It definitely has the recipe of billion dollar company and better than the other projects like it.

Ordering Medical Tests

The usual checkup and medical system have many basic problems like not availability of doctor nearby or at too much distance from your place, a clinic is not that hygienic, there is too much traffic on the roads, there can be a long waiting line to see a doctor, privacy concerns or any kind of dissatisfaction. The solution to all these problems lies within just a few clicks on your smartphone. So, It can bring groundbreaking results and can change the whole health industry. Additionally making the lives of many people better and easier.

Easier access to the medicines

With the great rating of 4.9/5 on Google Play, you can download the android app through this link. 

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